Music Label

A&R Scout

Required: 1 Listening Pass

An A&R Scouts listens to CODEBOY Sai leaks, studio live streams, goes to shows, and hopefully in the future: find new artists for the CODE LIFE Records DAO.

A&R Rep

Required CB Sai Looks: 2

An A&R Rep plays an important role in the development of CODEBOY Sai and other artists on CODE LIFE Records once we begin taking artist submissions.


Required: 2 CB Sai Looks
or 1 CB Sai F&F Look

The Merchandiser role is responsible for shipping VINYL records, merch, and other products from CODEBOY SAI for the purpose of sales.

Marketing Manager

Required: 3 CB Sai Looks
or 1 CB Sai F&F Look

The Marketing Manager role develops the communication between CODEBoy Sai and the general public.


Required: 4 CB Sai Looks
or 1 CB Sai F&F Look

The Publicist role is responsible for sharing information and news about CODEBOY Sai with the press.


Required: 5 CB Sai Looks
or 1 CB Sai F&F Look

The music agent role works closely with CODEBOY Sai to coordinate promotions, schedule tours and appearances, and secure deals.

Resource Admin

Required: 6 CB Sai Looks
or 1 CB Sai F&F Look

The Resource Admin role is responsible for performing HR tasks like onboarding new staff, maintaining/enforcing the CODE LIFE Records handbook policies, and performing payroll for any CODEBOY Sai expenses.


7 Total Executives Positions

The Executives will make executive decisions and oversee the publishing, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, production, distribution, and touring decisions for CODEBoy Sai and CODE LIFE Records DAO.

  • *Only Positions #1, #2, & #3, #4 will go on auction after CB Sai Looks are 100% Minted.
  • **#5 #6 Executive Positions will be reserved for elected officials from CODE LIFE RECORDS DAO.
  • *#7 Executive Position will be reserved for CODEBOY Sai.
  • **Sales from auction will be split 50/50 between CODEBOY Sai and CODE LIFE Records DAO